What is Workplace Diversity?

This term describes a workplace composed of employees with varying characteristics such as religion, race, gender, ethnicity, cultural background, age, sexual orientation, religion, languages, education, abilities, etc.

Why is Workplace Diversity important?

Companies with diverse workplaces are not just seen as a more desirable employer, but they also outperform their competitors. This is due to several reasons:

The Digital Boost

Companies that place a greater emphasis on digital technology show an even stronger correlation between diversity and innovation.

Internal Communication is the Catalyst

Diversity on its own is not a silver bullet. Internal communication embraces diversity by giving every member a clear set of company values they can uphold. By also including them in company updates, business insights, work-life matters, and topics that encourage togetherness – they avoid isolation and enjoy a sense of belonging. Face time between leaders and teams should always be encouraged, however, digital offers a convenient boost to remove distance and other obstacles.

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About the Author: Martin Brandt

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