If your company gets its internal communication right, what are the benefits your strategy can unlock?

Employee Engagement

Communication should not be just be a 1-way process. Supporting employee feedback indicates that their views count. They feel more connected and engaged, which contributes to better employee retention. This has a powerful impact on attitudes and productivity levels.


Your employees are your biggest, most influential brand ambassadors. An internal communication strategy will take advantage of this power as employees adopt and reflect the tone of the company. They will actively promote the company through a genuine belief in its values, products and services.

Leadership Support

Not all senior leaders are natural communicators. They may be excellent with strategic and business optimization matters, but that does not mean they provide information that resonates. A good internal communication strategy will provide a channel to facilitate meaningful content and feedback. Should a crisis arise, the company and its leadership are perceived to have a unified and clear direction.


Every communication should offer a single point of truth. By providing an update or insight on an important topic, there is no need for the rumour-mills to work overtime.

Change Management

Change in any company is a given. A strong internal communication strategy is needed more than ever during periods of change. Communication reduces tension by helping employees to adapt more quickly, which reduces lost productivity.


Employees have an improved understanding of how things work in the company. This prevents misunderstandings and helps new arrivals to acclimatize faster.

Better Employee Experiences

By uncovering what employees experience with regards to their role, personal development, working environment, team culture, leadership support, and work mood – your company has a constant baseline for experience improvements.

Fostering Innovation

Employees remain informed of how to contribute their ideas and are recognized for any gains these ideas achieve.

Legislation Adherence

Your company avoids being on the wrong side of the law. Your internal communications strategy should always address your legal responsibilities as an employer. There are various aspects that benefit from visibility such as health and safety issues, job shedding, and remote working.

Topic Validation

Finding ways to measure your company’s internal communication will improve efficiency. Digital metrics can help measure topics, highlighting their impact and what employees value most.

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About the Author: Martin Brandt

Martin Brandt is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer for JamAngle.