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Discover JamAngle

Discover JamAngle

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Effortless Scaling

With our subscriptions, you can start with 1 or 2 departments only.

There’s no need for you to worry about scaling for each employee as they join or leave. You can also upgrade or downgrade a subscription at any time.

Easy to Start

If you or your peers know how to microblog on social media, you are ready to start with JamAngle.

Start for Free

Here’s a guide of typical message communications for each company role. Every company is unique, so start with what’s most comfortable and learn from JamAngle’s visual intelligence. Your employees will give you the best direction over time.

  • Uncover employee experiences and how they perceive the company

  • Detect where there is work stress or unhappiness

  • Provide healthcare awareness and tips for improved employee wellbeing

  • Share updates, policies, and training content

  • Drive action and set focus points

  • Provide alerts and operational reminders

  • Highlight performance targets

  • Recognize achievements

  • Share the company’s values, purpose, and mission

  • Give feedback on company and product achievements

  • Provide updates on the company direction

  • Highlight new customer wins

  • Share employee and event news

  • Provide Tips, Tricks, and Techniques to get the job done

  • Give updates on high-profile projects

  • Uncover what options employees value most on any topic

JamAngle helps you keep your employees in the know and uncovers how they feel about their roles and work


Only 23% of executives say that their companies are excellent at aligning employees’ goals with corporate purposes.

Source: Deloitte


A survey on stress in the workplace found that 61% of employees feel burned out on the job.

Source: CareerBuilder

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Our no fuss Plans

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