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JamAngle helps HR, Ops, and Department Influencers keep employees updated. No competing with busy inboxes and chatter overwhelmed apps, our messaging platform is suitable for employees of all levels.

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Work Mood Polls

Employee Experience Polls

Custom Voting Polls

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Once registered, you can download our free Mobile Apps here. They will serve as your trusty companion for receiving valuable insights, updates, and voting polls from your company.

A micro communication platform to message employees and track opinion data

Cloud hosted

Hosted and trusted on Microsoft Azure.

No Nonsense

Inexpensive plans, no contract lock-in. We also offer a free plan, no credit card required.

Convenient Access

Employees access their messages and voting polls via PC browser, Android and iOS mobile.

Ease of Use

Designed for employees of all levels with easy interaction, reaction emojis, and notifications. Intelligent auto archiving prevents clutter.

Low/No Learning

As a messaging platform, there’s no rich formatting required. Deeper content can be connected to each message via optional URLs.

Messaging Flexibility

Schedule or save to draft. Options include prioritizing the message visibility, pinning for a defined duration, setting a reminder for attention, and selecting recipient groups.

Better Feedback

Trickle feed the built-in Employee Experience polls to avoid survey fatigue and rushed answers.

Shared Workspace

Scheduled and active communications are visible to all message authors. This helps them avoid voting poll and content duplication.

Tracking and Trending

Know the reach and rate of response. Discover Employee Experience trends, shifts in the Work Mood, and review Voting Poll results.

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