Employees holding up speech bubbles that say "Tell us about things as they happen, not days or weeks later" and "Sometimes we 'hear it through the grapevine' before it's formally communicated."

Your company has a mission and core values, while employees need to feel they are part of something that matters. In times of uncertainty, negative assumptions increase, while morale typically suffers. Communication is the bedrock of direction and continuity. Whether your employees are on the move or behind a desk, they are all part of your internal community.

Regular communication with a better reach is no longer a challenge. JamAngle helps functions such as HR, Ops, and Department Influencers keep employees in the know with less effort.

Group Messaging

URL & Attachment support

Employee Experience Polls

Mood & Custom Polls

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Messaging Flexibility

Schedule or save to draft. Send options include priority status, pinning, and reminder date.

Rich Content

Messages support website links as well as attachments for video (MP4), audio (MP3), documents, and images.

Better Reach

Receive messages with notifications on PC and Mobile (Android & iOS).

Tracking and Trending

Know the reach and rate of response. Discover Employee Experience trends, Work Mood patterns, and review Voting Poll results.

Better Feedback

Trickle fed Employee Experience polls to avoid survey fatigue and rushed answers.

Shared Workspace

Scheduled and active communications are visible to all message authors.

No/Low Learning

Designed for employees of all levels with easy and logical interactions.

Cloud Hosted

Hosted and trusted on Microsoft Azure.

Ease of Operation

Budget predictable plans, no contract lock-in, and a start for free with no credit card required. We’re also here to help and passionate about what we do.

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